Modern Garage doors have made it easier to most to open and close their doors with a press of a button on your remote. You don’t have to go to your garage door and walk back to your vehicle to park your car; or walk from your car and back to your garage door to close the door. Instead, it has made it convenient for you. But sometimes, you might notice that your garage door does not respond to your remote; and the garage door only closes when holding button.

There can be many reasons your garage door only closes when you press the button on the wall. Below are the possible reasons why your garage door will close only when pressing the button on the garage door wall.

Why Does The Garage Door Only Close When Holding The Button?

Your garage door has made work easy for you to park your vehicle and drive out when you are running out of time. But sometimes, everything may not be convenient. For example, when your garage door does not respond to your remote in a tight schedule.

Th most possible reason for your garage door to work when pressing the wall button is a sensor defect in the garage door system.

To find out more, let us get a read on what we have below.

1. Blocked sensors

As previously stated, the possible reason could be related to your sensors. Your garage door only closes when holding button because they have blocked sensors.

You might not find anything specific at first sight. Also, neither does it have to be big to block the sensors of your garage door. The garage door has a feature that can sensor things; as a safety mechanism is installed to prevent accidents and because it does want to crash into something.

If you don’t find anything that blocks the sensors, it could also be dust, debris, spider webs; or small rocks that block the sensors.

If your pathway is clean and no harm can cause the sensor to block, it could also be because of the damage; caused in the eyes of the sensor, which is also known as the camera lenses. Moreover, if you notice that the camera lenses’ surface is scratched or dirty, it could be another reason for your sensors to block.

2. Loose wires

It is not only the sensors that cause your garage door to close only when the button is pressed but loose wires. It is better to check the wires in the motor unit; or near the sensors that are connected to your garage doors.

Your sensors are connected with light wires as they do not require a high voltage. The light wires used in your sensor tend to loosen the cables.

The loose wires are not significant issues and can be done by yourself, using a connector or an electrical tape.

3. Improper signal to the sensors

If it’s not the blockage in your sensors, there could be another problem when the sensors are not receiving the proper signal. Your sensors may not be properly aligned to receive transparent alerts, stopping you from closing the garage door.

The misaligned sensors lack the connection disturbing the closing mechanism of the door. To re-align the sensor, you must adjust the sensors. Check if both the sensors are at the same height, and measure the sensors from the garage door floor.

It is recommended to use a laser level to make it convenient. Without a group, it could be time-consuming to repeat the process by rechecking the sensors’ measurements.

4. Engaged lock-out button

Another reason your garage door only closes when the button is pressed on the wall is because your lock-out button is engaged.

You might notice a light in most garage door wall controllers. It indicates if your lock-out button is engaged, this is an easy way to find out if your lock-out control is involved.

If you notice that your lock-out button is engaged in the remote, disengage the lock-out control. Each garage door has its way of disengaging the lock-out switch. And depends on the modal and manufacturer of the garage door.

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Other Issues In Your Garage Door

Apart from the defect that your garage door closes when holding the button, there are other issues with your garage door than you know.

The Garage Door Does Not Work With The Wall Switch

The most common reason the wall switch does not respond to your garage door is that you have lost power to find out for disruptions.

  1. Check for any disconnections in the motor unit, and if anything is unplugged, plug the cords correctly.
  2. It could also be if your circuit breaker and door opener’s motor are burned out. Before running to conclusions, check if your circuit breaker is tripped out.

If the circuit breaker and the motor are burned out or tripped, it could also stop your garage door from closing completely.

The Remote Isn’t Responding To The Garage Door

So, if you are facing issues with your remote and your remote isn’t responding to the garage door, the probable reason could be

  1. If you are too far from the remoted range and moving closer to the garage can help you connect, hanging your antenna in the motor unit downward is recommended.
  2. If the above does not work, it is because your antenna in the motor unit is damaged.
  3. In addition, if the cause does not have to do anything with the range or damage, check for issues in your remote and change your remote battery.


Now you must have got an idea of why your remote has not responded to your garage door and only closes when you hold the garage door wall button.

The issue of the garage door only closes when holding button can be prevented by taking necessary precautions; before you face the consequences. Make sure you clean the dust and dirt that blocks thethe sensor.

Clean your camera lenses with a smooth, soft cloth to avoid scratches and keep them clear. And most importantly, pay attention to the lights located in the sensors.


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