Honda CRV Trunk Space: How Much Can You Fit?

When it comes to trunks, the Honda CRV is one of the most spacious in its class. It has a total of 39.2 cubic feet of space with the rear seats up and a whopping 75.8 cubic feet with them folded down. That means you can fit everything from suitcases to sports equipment with ease. And for added convenience, the CR-V’s trunk features a power tailgate that makes loading and unloading a breeze.

The CRV’s Generous Trunk Space: Why It’s Useful

When it comes to choosing a car, one of the key considerations for many people is how much space it has. After all, we all need to be able to fit our lives into our cars – whether that’s kids, pets, sports equipment, or just a lot of shopping!

So, when it comes to trunk space, the Honda CR-V is a great choice. It’s spacious, versatile, and can be easily configured to suit your needs. Here’s a closer look at why the CR-V’s trunk space is so generous – and why it’s so useful.

First up, the CR-V has a wide opening trunk. This makes it easy to load and unload, even if you’ve got large or awkward items. And, when you need even more space, the 60/40 split rear seats fold down quickly and easily, giving you a flat load area.

But it’s not just the size of the trunk that’s impressive – it’s also how versatile it is. The trunk floor is nice and flat, so you can easily slide in large items. And, if you need to carry longer items, like a ladder or skis, there’s an optional roof rack that’s specifically designed for the CR-V.

Finally, the CR-V’s trunk space is also really well-thought-out when it comes to storage. There are plenty of nooks and crannies for storing small items, as well as a hidden compartment under the trunk floor. This is perfect for stashing valuables out of sight – and keeping them safe.

So, there you have it – the CR-V’s trunk space is generous, versatile, and really useful. If you’re looking for a car that can accommodate all your needs, the CR-V should definitely be on your list.

How Honda CRV Trunk Space Compares to Other SUVs

When it comes to SUVs, there are a lot of options on the market. But, if you’re looking for one with a spacious trunk, the Honda CR-V is a great choice. In fact, its trunk is one of the largest in its class.

Here’s a look at how the CR-V’s trunk space compares to other SUVs on the market:

SUV Trunk Space (cu. ft.)

Honda CR-V 39.2

Ford Escape 34.3

Nissan Rogue 32.0

Toyota RAV4 37.5

As you can see, the Honda CR-V offers significantly more trunk space than many of its competitors. If you’re looking for an SUV with plenty of room for storage, the CR-V is a great option.

Tips for Maximizing the CRV’s Trunk Space

# 1. Keep it organized

The first tip for maximizing the CRV’s trunk space is to keep it organized. This means having a place for everything and putting things back in their place when you’re done using them. This can be accomplished by investing in some good storage bins and making use of the space under the seats.

# 2. Use the roof

If you’re carrying larger items, don’t forget to make use of the roof. The CRV is equipped with roof rack crossbars that make it easy to strap down larger items.

# 3. Know your measurements

Before heading out on a shopping trip, it’s a good idea to know the measurements of the trunk. This way, you’ll know exactly what will fit and what won’t.

# 4. Make use of the rear seats

If you’re really trying to maximize the space in the trunk, don’t forget about the rear seats. They can be folded down to create more space for larger items.


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