Considering purchasing an SUV for your family, such as the Dodge Journey, you will have some questions. Finding a car large enough to transport the entire family might be very costly, and you’re curious about how much space it does have. Are you thinking about buying a Dodge Journey, and how many seats in a Dodge Journey?

We’ll go over the seating capacity and cargo space stats below to learn how many seats in a Dodge Journey. Even for the most educated and knowledgeable buyer, determining which car best fits your personal needs may be a complicated and challenging task. The Dodge Journey comes equipped with a consumer navigation system and 3rd-row seating.

With its robust appearance, fun-to-drive attitude, and enhanced entertainment and safety systems, the Dodge Journey is indeed an excellent pick. The Dodge Journey is a fantastic choice if you want to buy a brand-new crossover SUV with a roomy cabin that offers a tremendous passenger and luggage capacity.

The hybrid SUV market is among the most famous and demanding automobile industries. This SUV does have the ability for you and your family, with a configurable seating configuration, a variety of comfort and safety standards, and lots of cargo space.

Drivers of the Journey will also like its spacious interior. The Dodge Journey is a flexible, roomy crossover SUV that seats seven people. As we explore the interiors of the Dodge Journey, you will be able to decide “how many seats in a Dodge Journey?”

Please continue reading to determine how many seats in a Dodge Journey can be used for transport and how much cargo room it has.

How many seats In a Dodge Journey?

The Dodge Journey’s interior features three rows of seats for up to 7 travelers, and passengers carry space of 124 cubic feet. The Dodge Journey has two seats in front, three seats there in the center, and two seats in the third row, with accessibility from either side of the car.

The ability to seat up to seven passengers is the consequence of ongoing interior design modifications that focus on the satisfaction of everybody from the first to the third line.

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Seating Capacity of Dodge Journey

Below are the interior dimensions of the Dodge Journey. These specifications result in a remarkable total internal passenger volume of around 124 cubic feet for the Dodge Journey.

These spaces have the following dimensions:

The first-row Seating Capacity of Dodge Journey 

  • 40.8 inches of headroom
  •  40.8 inches of legroom
  • 57.5 inches of shoulder room
  • 53.8 inches hip room

The second-row Seating Capacity of Dodge Journey

  • 39.9 inches of headroom
  • 36.1 inches of legroom
  • 56.9 inches of shoulder space
  • 54.4 inches of hip space

The third-row Seating Capacity of Dodge Journey

  • 37.7 inches of headroom
  • 23.4 inches of legroom
  • 43.5 inches of shoulder room
  • 40 inches of hip room

Seat features Of Dodge Journey

The front seats are completely foldable and come standard with fabric upholstery. The front seats are sturdy and comfy, while the second set is suitable for adults. The rear seat is tight and should be reserved for youngsters, and competitors have more excellent legroom. Optional features include leather seats, heated seats, a six-way energy decision, and a steering wheel.

There are many technical child booster seats for the second row that are simpler to use than the usual LATCH cords and anchors. The rear aisle seat has a lower anchor and first upper rope, and it may take a bottom anchor from the passenger side. One lower anchor is borrowed from the rear passenger seat, and moving around the anchors is tough.

Cargo Area Of Dodge Journey

When all seats are folded down, you receive the actual cargo capacity. The Dodge Journey has a massive amount of rear luggage capacity on the inside. The cargo space behind the seats is 67.6 cubic feet, 37.0 cubic feet behind the second row of seats, and 10.7 cubic feet behind the third-row seats.

The Dodge Journey has a lot of cargo room in the back and a lot of clever storage choices. The spacious Journey cabin offers up to 3,810 liters of internal space in the five-passenger arrangement and 3,794 liters in the seven-passenger version.

If you need extra space for bigger things, you can fold the 2nd and 3rd rows of seats to offer over 67.6 cubic feet of storage space. The Journey also provides a lot of cargo versatility; thanks to the 60/40 split 2nd seating and the 50/50 split-fold 3rd seats.

And no need to worry about how many seats there in a Dodge Journey with 10.7 cubic feet off the ground accessible behind the third row for everyday needs and 67.6 cubic feet of space accessible just behind the row when you could use a little extra room. There is even an in-floor storage compartment where you may conceal your stuff.

The detachable in-floor storage bin behind the front seat provides additional freight capacity. In the rear, there’s an in-floor storage section to keep your valuables hidden and a second-row storage box that can also be utilized as an in-floor chiller to preserve your drinks cold.


Do all Dodge Journeys have the third row?

Indeed, the Journey has three rows of chairs that can accommodate seven passengers, and there is sufficient legroom in all three rows of seats to assure passenger comfort. The Dodge Journey also has LATCH connections on outer seats and a car seat anchor rope in the center.

Do the seats on the Dodge Journey fold flat?

The quick answer is that the Dodge Journey’s seats indeed fold flat. The Dodge Journey features three rows of seating and can accommodate up to 7 passengers. Second-row quick entry seats are divided 60/40 and have Tilt ‘n Slides and recline; the third row has reclined 50/50-fold-flat seats.

What really is the Dodge Journey’s hauling capacity?

The Dodge Journey offers impressive towing capabilities, believe it or not. The towing capacity is determined by the engine you choose. With up to 5 passengers and luggage, the 2020 2.4L AT Dodge Journey does have a towing capability of 1,000 pounds.

The 3.6L and 3.5L models, on the other hand, offer a more extensive towing capability, ranging between 2,500 and 3,000 pounds with max payload capacity.

Is the Dodge Journey like the Dodge Durango?

The main distinction between these two excellent Dodge automobiles is their on-road performance. The Dodge Durango boasts an eight-speed gearbox and a 293-horsepower engine. The Dodge Journey sports a four-speed gearbox and a 173-horsepower engine.


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