A typical car consists of the driver seat, passenger seat, and rear seat, which can accommodate five people. There are various types of car seats according to the kinds of materials used. In this article, you will learn how to clean leather car seats with holes.

Types of Car Seats

Ultrasuede/ Alcantara

The automobile industry does not use these seats widely, but some mid-range cars come with this type of seat. This seat is safe, gives the car a good look, and is flame retardant. But it is expensive, difficult to maintain, and we cannot quickly get them


The leather seat gives a luxurious look to the car. Maintenance is easy and has high durability. But it is very costly and will not be a good choice during summer. When cleaning, some products you use may damage the seats.

Leatherette/ Vinyl

These are vinyl, and the outcome looks like leather, but they do not use animal products. Leatherette is not costly as original leather and hence affordable. Cleaning is also easy, Leatherette is a bit sticky, and the durability is less than leather.


This gives an upscale look to the car and will not get very warm during summer. But the, maintenance is the most challenging part of polyester seats as they get dirty quickly and are prone to stain. It can also absorb odors which will be disgusting when the car doesn’t smell good.


The nylon seats are a prevalent type. Although they don’t provide an upscale look, it is not a bad option as it is very sturdy. Nylon also stains easily but can be cleaned. Nylon performs well even during summertime as it will not damage the skin.

What Is A Perforated Leather Car Seat?

A seat made of leather designed with holes is a perforated leather car seat. The purpose of holing the leather car seat is to have an upscale look, safety, and comfort, and there can be other reasons too. Read ahead to know in detail why the car seats contain holes.

What Is The Reason Behind Car Seat Holes?

You might have noticed the car seats which have holes in them. Have you ever wondered why the manufacturers produce seats with tiny holes? The main reason to perforate car seats is to improve breathability.

During warm days the leather seats get heated and will damage the unprotected skin; hence to make the seat cooler, there are holes through which the air circulates. Even during winter, perforated leather seats will make you feel comfortable.

We can use them on heated seats. The perforated seats control temperature and are not slippery, and the customers pay more to get these seats as they are comfortable and give a luxurious look to the car.

It would be best if you appropriately clean a perforated leather car seat. To do this, you must learn how to clean leather car seats with holes.

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Types of perforated Leather

There are three main types of perforated leather,

  • The Hampton Perforation
  • Euro Perforation
  • The Highland Perforation

These three types are used mainly by automobile companies in the US.

How to Clean Leather Car Seats with Holes?

You cannot clean the car seat with holes using the same method you clean regular car seats, and you must clean the perforated (holed) car seats carefully without damaging the seat. For cleaning your perforated leather car seat, here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Tiny dirt might have filled the holes of your seat, so to remove them vacuum the seat using a handheld vacuum. The vacuum pressure will pull out the debris, and the vacuum must be gentle, else its nozzle will scratch the seats.

Step 2. Get some leather cleaner onto a soft brush and clean the seat. The brush will help remove the dirt still present in the holes.

Step 3. Now clean the seat using a microfiber cloth. Clean the seat well with the microfiber cloth. Also, remove the excess leather cleaner.

Step 4. If the seat is not dried completely, use a vacuum cleaner to dry it. Then check whether you still got any dirt inside the holes. If so, use a small brush and take them off.

And now you know how to clean leather car seats with holes. If you still think you cannot do it and might damage the seats, get help from a nearby service station.

Why Leather Car Seats Wear Off and How to Prevent It?

The car seats will wear off after very long use or improper maintenance. Hence you should properly maintain the leather car seat for a long-lasting good look. Regularly clean the seats with leather care products.

The products that come with UV protection will prevent the seats from UV radiation. You can use the car seat covers that will protect the seat, and also, changing the car seat cover is not cost as replacing the seat. Parking the car away from direct sunlight will prevent the car seat from fading.

Direct sunlight will reduce the durability of the seats; hence, you must park the car in the garage, or if you park in an open space, make sure you cover the vehicle. Extreme temperature changes will damage the leather seats. Even the heater inside the car can do this.

When there is damage to the seat, repair them as soon as possible, you can do this yourself using the leather repair kit. Please do not use any harsh chemicals on your leather car seat when cleaning as they will damage the seat. The damaged car seat will not be comfortable for driving.

Hence be very cautious when buying leather cleaning products. We will spend a long time inside the car during long drives, and the seat gets in contact with our body oils and sweat; this will damage the leather seat; hence regular cleaning is necessary. If you accidently spill food or drink on the seat, you must clean them immediately using the appropriate cleaning products.

We hope this article on how to clean leather car seats with holes helps you!


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