During cold seasons you might feel comfortable driving the car while turning on the heater. The heater core is the device that will is present in your vehicle. And this device will help to warm the car by using the hot coolant from the engine. In this article, you will learn how to turn heat on in car.

Some people don’t know how the heater works in a vehicle and the way to operate it. Sometimes you will turn on the heater and not realize any hot air, which might be because of some issues. Here we will be looking in detail at the heater in your vehicle.

As you prefer air conditioning the car on a summer day, you will also need some hot air to keep the vehicle warm during winter. Heating the car during the cold season will provide a clear vision through the windshield.

Some people are still confused about how to turn heat on in car, and in this article, they will be able to find the solution. Turning on heat is very simple, but some people think it is not very easy due to a lack of knowledge and experience.

When it’s freezing, turning on the air conditioner will not help you. Therefore, to make you feel warm, you must know to turn on the heat. After reading this article, how to turn heat on in car will be an effortless task.

What Is the Heater Core Of A Vehicle?

The heat in the vehicle will make the people inside comfortable during cold, and it will also help to cool the engine. Once you turn on the heat, the heater will start blowing hot air within a few minutes, but several processes are happening inside the system.

If the engine in your vehicle starts overheating, it may lead to many problems, bringing you extra expenses on repairs. But the heater will be helpful to cool down the engine.

The coolant will carry the heat from the engine to the heater core, and with the help of the blower motor, it will travel through the heater core and then enter the cabin. The speed of the warm air flow will depend on the HVAC control panel settings, and you will be able to control speed by changing the settings.

The process will take some time as once you turn on the system, and the engine coolant will start to heat up and then transfer to the heater core and then the cabin. But the whole process will only require around 5- 10 minutes.

If the heating system present in your vehicle takes more time to blow the heated air, then there might be some issues in the system. In this article, you will also look at problems resulting from a faulty heater core.

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How to Turn Heat on in Car?

If you are still wondering how to turn heat on in car, follow the procedure below.

  1. After entering the vehicle, close the shutter and the doors so the air won’t escape.
  2. Initially, you will have to start the engine to turn on the heater in a vehicle. You can use the key or button to do this, depending on the vehicle type.
  3. Compared to a vehicle at rest, the moving vehicle will make the heater work well. Drive the car, and the heating system will perform well when the wind comes in contact with the car.
  4. Next, you can adjust the temperature according to your preference. You can do this in different ways according to the type of the vehicle,
  • Some vehicles will have the digital temperature showcase where you can see the button through which you can control the temperature either by increasing or decreasing. It is better to set the temperature and then turn on the heater.
  • There are vehicles with temperature controlling knob, and when you turn it clockwise, the temperature will increase and turning the knob anticlockwise will reduce the heat.
  • In some vehicles, you will find two knobs, one of which will control the temperature on the driver’s side, and the other will control the passenger’s side temperature. If you need to increase the temperature of both sides, you can turn both knobs in the clockwise direction. Turning the knobs in an anticlockwise direction will reduce the heat.

You will find a fan button on the vehicle’s dashboard, now you can turn it on. This fan button will also be like a switch or knob, depending on the type of vehicle. And that is how to turn heat on in car.

Why the Car Heating System Doesn’t Work Properly?

Sometimes even when you turn on the heater, you will not feel any hot air entering the cabin, which will occur due to the reasons listed below.

  • If there is insufficient coolant, the heater will not blow hot air. Lack of coolant can be due to leaks or evaporation of water.
  • Check whether the thermostat in the system is stuck-open as this may also be a reason for the faulty heating system.
  • Wearing of the components or faults in them will not contribute to the heating system, and as a result, the heater core will not work correctly. The components can be anything related to the heating system, maybe the switch, fan, or sensor.
  • If the heater core is not in good condition, the heating system will fail to work well.
  • A heater control valve in some vehicles allows hot air to enter the heater core. But when this valve remains closed, the hot air will not enter the heater core, and as a result, you will not be able to experience hot air in the cabin.

These are some reasons why you experience an inadequate heating system. Hence like other components, maintenance is one essential step to avoid problems. When you experience lousy heating systems, better check on the issue and fix it sooner, as driving a car with an inadequate heating system may overheat the engine and cause severe problems.

This article on how to turn heat on in a car will help you understand the process by which you can turn on the heater that is present in your vehicle. And you might also know the reason why the heating system does not function properly. We hope this article was helpful!

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