Bobby pins are mostly metal; rarely can you find plastic ones. The primary purpose of a bobby pin is to do hair styling or hair decorations, and there are situations where these bobby pins are used to unlock the car door or the doors at your home. Have you ever thought that you could open car doors with a bobby pin? Yes, you can, and this article will provide you with knowledge about how to unlock a car door with a bobby pin.

It is not always necessary to have the car key to unlock your car, and you can do this using alternative methods. You can use a tennis ball, coat hanger, rod and a screwdriver, spatula, inflatable wedge, strip of plastic, using the professional lock picking key, or coin, by calling a locksmith or by getting the help of a car assistance provider. You must also know how to unlock a car door with a bobby pin. If you don’t have the car key to open the door, you can use any method.

You can unlock the car simply using the car key or combination key, pressing the button in the car, using the remote controller, and using the signal from the body controller. Apart from those, you can also use a bobby pin to open the car door.

How to Unlock a Car Door With A Bobby Pin?

Step 1:  Make an L shape using the bobby pin. To make it, you have to move the side with the curves apart until the angle between the two sides looks like 90 degrees. The bobby will be the tool to unlock your door.

Step 2:  Peel the rubber or paint off the straight end, and in the corner of the straight end, there will be a tiny circular tip. Using a knife, remove the tip using a small knife or blade. You can also remove the bobby pin tip using your fingernails.

Step 3:

  • Insert the flat end of the pin inside the lock.
  • Make sure you insert 1 cm of the pin inside.
  • Push the pin so the flat end touches the lock surface creating a bend in the front.

You can also bend the pin at 1 cm with some tool, but the method said here will be easy.

Step 4:  Now, you must bend the curvy end of the bobby pin at 30 degrees; this is an optional step that will make the task easier. After the completion of this step, the alternative key is ready!

Step 5: You must make a tension lever with a separate bobby pin. For this, take a new pin and turn one-third of the tip for a hook, and then bend both sides of the pin in the same direction. This pin will act as the tension lever.

Let’s Open the Car Door!

Once the pins are ready, you can open the car door using them. The following steps will teach you to unlock a car door with a bobby pin.

Step 1: Take the tension lever’s bent end and insert it into the bottom hole of the door lock so that the tension lever hangs in front of the doorknob. 

Step 2: turn the tension lever in the counterclockwise direction until you receive some tension. You have to do this a bit forcefully, and the tension will make the barrel inside rotate and then it will be easy to remove all the pins and unlock the door. 

Step 3: You must insert the pick (the other bobby pin). Make sure the slightly bent end is put inside facing upwards. Feel the pins; to push the pins up, you must move the pick downward. Do this to all the pins. There are up to five to six knobs in a traditional car knob.

Step 4: you must open all the pins. Some pins will be easy to open, while some are difficult. The pins with resistance are the seized pin. Carefully open the seized pins. Push the pick down until you hear the click sound. By the click sound, you can ensure the pin is pushed up.

Step 5: do this to all the pins present in the door knob. Repeat the procedure, and once all the pins are on top of the barrel, the car door will unlock. 

Step 6: After opening all the pins, turn the tension lever in the counterclockwise direction until you feel the car is unlocked. Here the tension lever will function similar to a car key. And now the car is unlocked!

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The Benefit of Using Bobby Pin to Unlock the Car

You placed the car key inside the car, and if you have locked the car by pulling the lock button, you feel stuck. Since you cannot access the car key and the door is locked from inside, you must use an alternative way to unlock the door.

In this case, you can use the bobby pin and unlock the car. Imagine you took your car out and misplaced and you need to open it, search for the key first in the places where you could have misplace and still if it is missing, open you can use the bobby pin to unlock the car.

The Disadvantage of Using Bobby Pin to Unlock the Car

Although using a bobby pin hack is an alternative way which helps to unlock a car when the keys aren’t there, it is often not a safe method. Robbers can quickly get access to your car. Bobby pins don’t cost much, and you can quickly get them, so by using this method, robbers can steal the worthy things placed inside the car.

Hence you must park the vehicle in an appropriate place where it is safe. Make sure you take the car keys with you after locking the door, and do not leave any valuable things inside the car. It might be watches, your mobile phone, cash, jewellery, or other costly items.

We hope this article on unlocking a car door with a bobby pin helped you!


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